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in North & Central London covering
Barnet, Brent, Camden, Enfield, Hackney, Haringey, Harrow, Islington and Waltham Forest

Welcome to Reclaim Your Space

Decluttering and home organising isn’t about creating a picture-perfect, minimalist property; it’s about creating a space which suits the needs, lifestyle and personality of the people who live in it and coming up with a realistic and manageable system which works for them to maintain it.

I’m Arianna Steigman and I have a passion and a knack for turning mess and confusion into beautiful, user-friendly spaces.

Find out more about me and Reclaim Your Space here.

Does This Sound Like You?

Are you knee-deep in 'stuff' and have nowhere to put it?

I’ll help sort and reduce your belongings to a manageable level, and find – or design – storage for it all. I’ll come up with a practical, realistic routine for keeping your home tidy so you have the space, and time, to kick back and relax.

Do you have an overflowing wardrobe, yet nothing to wear?

I’ll help you sort through your clothes and encourage you to keep those items which please you and fit you, and your lifestyle. We’ll donate whatever you no longer use to those who will really need and appreciate it. I’ll organise your wardrobe so that you’ll always find what you’re looking for in the morning rush!

Are you going through an upheaval in your life?

When experiencing pivotal changes in our lives, it’s often difficult to move on and keep the home running. I will help you focus on your priorities, bring structure to your routine, and support you in your decisions. Maintaining a clear space is half-way to keeping a clear mind!

Do you need to downsize?

Whatever the circumstances, there are times when we need to move and/or downsize. Deciding what to take with us and what to let go of can be overwhelming – both physically and emotionally. I’ll help you focus and support your decisions as well as assisting in the physical packing and unpacking.

About to move home and feeling daunted?

This can be a stressful and confusing time – but it doesn’t have to be!

I’ll write you a personalised crucial moving home tick-off to do list – from forwarding post to transferring the landline. I’ll help you declutter and pack so you don’t take with you any unnecessary baggage. Once you’ve arrived and the movers have gone, I’ll also unpack and help you set up. This way you can start enjoying your new home straight away – and not be living with boxes for weeks!

Feeling overwhelmed by letting go of a deceased loved-one’s belongings

If you need help, I’ll support you in choosing a few treasured items to keep and help you decide what to do with the rest.  You might want to donate items to someone in need, who would appreciate and use them. I can then handle packing and collection.


I’m so glad I called Reclaim Your Space. I’d been putting it off for ages, now I don’t understand why.

With Arianna we went through my stuff quickly and relaxed, without stress or angst, and I finally managed to let go of all those things which had taken control of my house. I really feel like I got my home back!

I would definitely recommend this service to anyone.

My sitting room was piled high with things I thought I needed, or felt sentimental about. I was embarrassed to have friends over. This was really a life-changer for me.

Elaine, North London


Reclaim My Space came to my house and helped me massively with heaps of paper work. Arianna was lovely, friendly and positive to ensure what I needed done to help me move forward was complete in a professional way.

Since the support of Reclaim My Space my stress levels have reduced significantly and my home has become my home again and paper free!

Thank you!

Ellie, Islington