From Stuff Room to Spare Bedroom

Sue's spare room had become a 'stuff' room from years of being unused. She wanted to be able to offer it again to visiting loved-ones, but didn't know where to start...

Recycling just got Better

An easy way to recycle more while decluttering your home / office

How Many Books do we Need to Keep?

This lot took up 3 car loads - all donated to Oxfam...
My youngest clients declutter

My Youngest Clients Declutter

Look what they let go of for charity....
Home-office for him within the master bedroom

Post-move Home Organising & Styling project

We helped a professional couple after moving into an elegant 2-bed Georgian apartment
A lesson in style and curating - lots of shoes

A Lesson in Style & Curating

I helped a young couple Declutter in preparation for their house move....
Decluttering - taking baby steps

Decluttering – Taking Baby Steps

Sometimes baby steps are the best way forward when decluttering....
Interior Design Ideas

Interior Design Ideas

I am not an Interior Designer, but I've learned a few little tricks along the way...
Conservatory After

When Your Stuff Takes Control of Your Living Space

When Elaine called me and said she needed some help 'getting control' of all her stuff...