Moving/downsizing from your long-time family home to a smaller living space (whether because of retirement, divorce, or children leaving home) is not only physically demanding, but can be a heavy emotional strain as well.

How Reclaim Your Space Can Help You

Downsizing - cardboard boxes ready for a moveDownsizing is a pivotal moment in life, which requires much sensitivity, respect, patience, and know-how. For this reason it is helpful to bring in an objective 3rd party, who is not part of the family and doesn’t share the emotions which might add to the stress and burden of the move.

I will help you map out how much you can take to your new home. I will respect which family member’s belongings we are dealing with and guide you by providing a logical and systematic process of sorting.

For any items you decide you can’t take with you, I’ll help you find a new home for them – whether they go to a friend or family member, or are given away to charity.

It will all be done with sensitivity to the past, the present and with a hopeful view of the future.

After you’ve moved, I’ll help you organise your belongings in your new space, so it starts feeling like your home from day one.

Handling this difficult process thoughtfully and professionally will make the transition smooth, efficient, and stress-free.

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