When Your Stuff Takes Control of Your Living Space

When Elaine called me and said she needed some help ‘getting control’ of all her stuff, I pricked my ears: this was exactly the kind of scenario my work can have the biggest impact on. This is what decluttering is all about: regaining control of your space.

The background:

Elaine is a childminder, and had accumulated many toys, arts & crafts and other bits and bobs – and was feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of it all. She was struggling to decide what was worth keeping and what was simply hogging up valuable space.

The Process:

So, how to you tackle ‘overwhelming’ piles of stuff? The answer is: one step at a time, and don’t stop until you are done (or you will leave it half-done for who-knows-how long).

Together, we took out all the boxes and bags piled high in her conservatory and adjoining shower room, and went through them: sitting together on the floor, looking at things one at a time, deciding what to keep, what to donate, and what had already done it’s duty and needed to be binned.

Once this was done, it was a matter of moving all the unneeded stuff out of the way (which I was thrilled to take to welcoming charity shops, toy libraries and nurseries), and then cleaning and organising what she chose to keep: sensibly, aesthetically, usefully.

The Result:

Now Elaine has a clear, tidy, and most importantly, functional conservatory and shower room/ toilet, where she can entertain and watch over her lovely and energetic wards calmly and safely!


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